Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Technology

Our FUE hair transplant is a simple, outpatient procedure that has eliminated the customary linear incision and stitching of the outdated FUT procedure. This Minimally Invasive Process has significantly reduced the pain and healing time involved, and patients are able to return to their daily routine much faster than the traditional strip surgery..

FUE hair transplant results
Here is a summary of yourday:

Step 1 - Your Procedure Plan
Your Day Begins By Meeting With Your HHC physician to discuss your specific goals and the plan for procedure. That Involves a detailed breakdown of the zones that will be restored towards achieving desired look.

Step 2 - Local Anesthesia and Donor Hair Removal
The Next step in your procedure is the extraction of the donor hair. This is a key step that distinguishes the revolutionary Follicular Unit hair transplant procedure from the outdated FUT hair transplant.

Unlike the FUT procedure, which involves cutting a strip from the donor area to harvest the grafts, the Follicular Unit Hair Transplant method requires no such strip removal, as follicular units are removed individually from the donor area. This results in a significantly shorter healing time and minimizes any pain. As well, there is no linear scar along the donor area as is characteristic with the FUT procedure.

Step 3 - Preparation the Recipient Site
After all the grafts have been harvested from your donor area, we move onto the step of preparing the recipient sites - that is, the areas that will be receiving the new hair.

Your HHC physician prepare search graft site by making tiny incisions where the follicular units will be inserted with follicular unit hair transplant.

HHC takes great pride in ensuring each donor follicle is perfectly placed, bringing together a complete unit of natural flowing hair. The strategic Positioning of hair to match each patient's individual, natural growth pattern is a key factor in achieving a truly undetectable result of FUE hair transplant.

Step 4 - Placement of the Grafts
Once The Recipient Sites Are Complete, it's time to place the grafts. Under the direct supervision of a HHC physician,our surgical staff begins placing each graft, one by one, into the donor sites.

Our Surgical Staff is composed of dedicated technicians that are hand picked and personally trained by Doctors, ensuring that each patient's grafts are handled with the utmost care to ensure that each patient achieve the results that have made HHC leaders in the FUE hair transplant industry.

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