Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Esthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries Services

Esthetic nose operations to fix the nose are one of the most performed operations worldwide. With rhinoplasty, the nose can easily be shaped but it is important that it matches the rest of the facial structures. The facial profile must be taken into consideration when a rhinoplasty surgery is being planned. The nose-forehead connection area, nose length, nose height, the distance between the nose and lips, the chin being outward or inward; all of these effect the success of the operation. Because of this, rhinoplasty should not only be considered as a nose operation, but also a profile plasty.

Face lifting:
Face lifting operation is performed by entering through the hairy skin under the chin and continuing to the front of the ear and under the earlobe, which reaches to the backside, the hairy skin is cut 2-3 cm proceeding. A think later of the facial skin is lifted and excess skin is removed. The thin muscle and supporting layer located under the facial skin is stretched, and then the corners of the facial skin is stitched.

Liposuction is the operation that removes the fat with a vacuum giving the body a shape that is desired. There will be growth in the fat tissue depending on structural characteristics or depending on nutrition. The fat cells in the skin reach a stable number during the time when the puberty begins. The accumulation of the fat increasing or decreasing is later on dependant on the weight. There will be reduction in the number of fat cells with liposuction. 

Abdominoplasty (Full Tummy Tuck):
In the full tummy tuck operation; the excess skin along with the skin that has sagged is removed from the tummy level until the cesarean section line. In the class technique, the tummy skin is pulled up until the rib level. In the lipoabdominoplasty technique, the tummy skin is pulled up until the belly level. The fat tissues left under the upper skin is removed and therefore the tummy skin is thinned. The fat tissues on the sides of the tummy can also be removed with the liposuction technique, which allows giving shape to the waist.


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